Melampaui Batas-batas Perjalanan

Pada 13-15 Juli 2017, saya mewakili Communicaption ikut serta dalam Ekspedisi Pantau Gambut yang dilaksanakan bersama beberapa NGO untuk secara aktif melihat perkembangan restorasi lahan gambut yang dilaksanakan pemerintah di Kota Palangka Raya, Kalimantan Tengah. Dalam perjalanan sejauh lebih dari 1.000 km ini, saya tidak…

Mengapa Indonesia Sekarang Sering Bertengkar? Ini Penyebabnya!

“Hidup hari ini kenapa makin crazy, ya?” curhat seorang rekan kantor setelah melihat post SARA di timeline-nya. “Semenjak ada Facebook nih kayaknya. Dulu perasaan nggak gini-gini amat, di timeline gue isinya pada berantem!” keluh seorang teman dekat yang sebelumnya menjadikan Facebook sebagai medsos favoritnya untuk…

Behind the #DammingAction

These last few months, we worked with Greenpeace Indonesia in their campaign to save Indonesia’s peat land and end forest fire. The main idea is to invite many good content creators to create various type of content (co-creation) to be used as campaign materials. Their…

Together We Break the Fast!

This is our first year having the Buka Puasa Bersama with all the team and families. It was a warm and relaxing small dinner, in a family-themed buffet restaurant in Bogor. Here is a little memory that we capture: Hopefully we can invite you (or…

Timeout: Celebrating Valentine’s Day

What did you do on the last Valentine’s Day? There are so many ways to celebrate it with your beloved ones. It does not have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend

Timeout: The Basketball Arcade Challenge

Timeout: The Basketball Arcade Challenge

On a hectic Tuesday, our team had marathon meetings with our partners. Yep, when it comes to face-to-face meeting, we usually conduct it continuously in a single day for the sake of time efficiency.

15 Songs Every CEO Should Have on Their Playlist

15 Songs Every CEO Should Have on Their Playlist

A CEO is the one who leads a company, sets vision and strategy, allocates capital, implements corporate policy, builds culture, connects BODs and employee, and responsible for company’s success or failure.

Ideas on Shareable Image for Your Cause Marketing

Ideas on Shareable Image for Your Cause Marketing

You tried everything, and yet engagement is still plummeting. You shared killer quotes from well-loved figures; you published sparkling (and expensive) infographics showing jaw-dropping data; you posted cat memes, for crying out loud.

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