About Communicaption

Communicaption is an Indonesia-based digital content agency who strongly believes that the world we live in today is about sharing, not selling. We are currently active in the field of social development, environment, and creative economy. We support SDGs by doing digital campaigns and projects in collaboration with civil society or non-governmental organization (NGO) across Indonesia.
What drives us to do what we do:

  • Our dream of creating meaningful marketing and building well-informed society
  • Our belief that behind every project lies positive values that can create a better world
  • Our anxiety about the gap between business-commercial and social-environmental domains
  • Our cognition about the lack of quality content in Indonesia digital media landscape


Better Content, Better Society


Chendany Philoshopia

Chendany will always be happy to do financial literacy education, especially for women. One thing that can keep her awake all night long: crocheting.

Dhany Nugraha

Dhany creates recipes for multi-format content based on essential principles: clarity & simplicity. His passion in music and humanity forms his point of view about life and love.

Gorga Leonardo

Gorga handles project management, 21st-century style. His family recommends him to be a standup comedian due to his analytical thinking and sense of humor.

Nadhila Olaan Shaami

Ami develops strategy and optimizes social ads, and loves to dig insights and make improvement out of it. Music, art, and flea markets are therapy for her soul.