Great Apps to Scan, Keep and Manage Business Cards


Hi, thanks for having our business card, you can easily scan them using these cool apps:

  1. ABBYY Business Card Reader
  2. CamCard
  3. Presto BizCard
  4. Yolu Card Reader
  5. Evernote Hello
  6. Neat Cloud Service

*I got ‘em all scanned perfectly! What next?*

Here are what you can do next:

With the actual cards

What to do with the cards once you scan all of them? You might want to look at these creative crafts ideas using business cards. If you’re not the kind of people who do crafts, recycling will always be the best idea. Or, you can always reduce your empty space at home and office by stacking unused things 😛


With the digital version

If you’re still unsure about what exactly the company or this guy do, then first thing you gotta do is to visit the website and any digital channel appear on the card and try to understand who are they and what do they do. If there is any idea of collaboration pop on your mind, take notes immediately or contact them right away to pitch the ideas. If none for now, simply subscribe to their newsletter or follow their social media, ideas might come up later.

Thank you and let’s collaborate!