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Dhany Nugraha

Timeout: Celebrating Valentine’s Day

What did you do on the last Valentine’s Day? There are so many ways to celebrate it with your beloved ones. It does not have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend

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Timeout: The Basketball Arcade Challenge

On a hectic Tuesday, our team had marathon meetings with our partners. Yep, when it comes to face-to-face meeting, we usually conduct it continuously in a single day for the sake of time efficiency.

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15 Songs Every CEO Should Have on Their Playlist

A CEO is the one who leads a company, sets vision and strategy, allocates capital, implements corporate policy, builds culture, connects BODs and employee, and responsible for company’s success or failure.

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7 Pieces of Content You Didn’t Notice were Ads

Yes, it’s about native advertising.
In case you’re not familiar with it, you can click here.
The following are 7 pieces of content in 2014 that you didn’t notice were ads:

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15 Quotes to Inspire Your Content Marketing Plan in 2015

Veteran or newcomer in digital industry could definitely use these colorful quotes to inspire your content marketing plan in 2015:

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Top 20 Books According to Today’s Change Makers

Blog - Top 20 Books Acording to Change Makers
You are what you read.
In order to be able to create good content, we need to expand our horizons. Book is undoubtedly one of the most popular knowledge sources.

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Remote Working: Our Way

Blog RW - Cover

It was Monday morning. I was driving my soon-to-be old car when I realized that the air con needs some fixing. I checked my Google calendar:

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Why Storytelling Matters


Think of this:
How long the average duration of successful ads or campaigns?
Then we’ll talk about minutes or hours.
How long their messages alive in our mind?
Then we’ll talk about years or decades.

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Why we do blogging

blogging commcap

In the digital age, stories come and go in seconds.
We’re here to help you capturing the insightful ones.

Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela.
Who are they? Change makers. What do they have in common? Good content.

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