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Gorga Leonardo

Behind the #DammingAction

These last few months, we worked with Greenpeace Indonesia in their campaign to save Indonesia’s peat land and end forest fire. The main idea is to invite many good content creators to create various type of content (co-creation) to be used as campaign materials. Their work can be viewed on Greenpeace Indonesia’s Facebook Page, such as video from Kok Bisa about forest fire, video from Movio Initiative about canal damming, and 360 AR video from Festivo that took place in the middle of the burnt forest.

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Together We Break the Fast!

This is our first year having the Buka Puasa Bersama with all the team and families. It was a warm and relaxing small dinner, in a family-themed buffet restaurant in Bogor. Here is a little memory that we capture:

Hopefully we can invite you (or you invite us) next time 😉


Since the beginning of my career, I’ve worked in four different agencies and been involved in like 40 projects or more. Almost in every project, I got to deal directly with clients, which I really hate.

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