7 Digital Platforms to Help NGO and Social Cause in Indonesia

Over the last few months, we have been holding training sessions for a number of NGO to help their internal team in getting the most out of their digital activity. In one of the session, we talked about numerous digital platforms and tools that can be used by NGO to reach their objectives. Taken from our training module, here are some of them:

1. Change

A social action platform in a form of online petition urging for a change. This platform will help NGO raise awareness about their cause by mobilizing supporters to push towards the petition target, mostly by public shaming.


For NGO, if you want to boost the reach of your petition within the site, there are options in the form of sponsored/promoted petition. One thing to keep in mind though, petition creator can’t access the database of signers, as stated in Change’s business model information.

Key success of online petition in change.org:

  • Good storytelling: Tell about your cause with the help of good and engaging narrative
  • Clear objective: Define a specific goal that petition creator want to achieve
  • Collaboration with key influencers and related organisation who have same concern and goal
  • Frequent updates to the signers as the petition is progressing.


2. KitaBisa

crowdfunding platform for social project, where a project is funded by raising many small donations and in return offering some type of rewards.

If you are familiar with Kickstarter and Wujudkan, the features of KitaBisa are not much different. What distinguishes it from other crowdfunding platforms is that most projects in KitaBisa are social impact-based.


Key success of project in KitaBisa:

  • Good storytelling: Tell about your project with the help of good and engaging narrative
  • Impactful image & video to support the story behind the project
  • Budget Transparency is important to gain trust and establish credibility
  • Interesting/unique rewards for backers (donors)


3. Indorelawan

A volunteering platform that connects potential volunteers with NGO or social program that fit their interest.


Volunteer can find the organisation or activity that suitable with their interest.

This platform is suitable to find passionate individuals with relevant talents to support your organization and its program.

Indorelawan organisation

The concept of the platform is similar to CountMeInID Network, but Indorelawan is more explorative with some additional features.This platform will expand your volunteering network beyond the circle of activists. The result: more impact. For reference, In UK, there are two great volunteering platforms that are more advanced in features and function, namely VInspired & DoSomething.

Key success of utilising volunteering platform:

  • Providing detail information about your organization. Make sure your digital presence (website, social media account, contact info) is good.
  • Clearly define the volunteering activity: its task, schedule, duration, and even impact.


4. Causes

A social network platform that provides a tool for individual and NGO (or even commercial brand) to create a cause and promoting it by selecting these calls to action: pledge, sign the petition, and donate.

Causes.com provides a complete journey of cause marketing for NGO to amplify its key issues to the wider audience.


Stop Elephants slaughter in Sumatera


Donate in Causes


5. JustCoz

Enables NGOs to amplify their message in social media by leveraging the social media influence of supporters who are willing to donate their tweet to spread the word.



6. DonateYourAccount

Similar to JustCoz, DonateYourAccount.com is a tool where individuals can donate (lend) their twitter account to be utilized by NGO to spread the social message.


How it works:

  • You create a Campaign and ask your Supporters to donate their accounts.
  • Supporters donate their Twitter and/or Facebook accounts and decide how often your Campaign can use them. The donation options for use are once per day, once per week or once per month. Once your Campaign has gathered some donations you can publish a message.
  • Select an existing Campaign tweet or Campaign Facebook page post, the types of donations to utilize (daily, weekly or monthly) and hit Publish. The donated accounts will then immediately retweet or reshare the message you selected.


7. Twibbon

Twibbon is a tool to enhance the type of support of NGO cause, brand or organisation in a variety of ways. This tool is very effective to provide twitter or facebook user to support NGO cause by changing the social profile (cover and avatar) with sharing specified hashtag.

Twibbon Page