Remote Working: Our Way

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It was Monday morning. I was driving my soon-to-be old car when I realized that the air con needs some fixing. I checked my Google calendar: Monday 10 am (deadline: a deck of an NGO’s content plan), Tuesday 8 am (meeting with client). Thinking quickly on my feet, I decided to go to a service station first before heading to the office. I really need my air con fixed before I go to the meeting tomorrow morning.

The mechanic told me that the repairing could take up 1-2 hours and I said to him no problem. I then prepared my (emergency) working space: a small table, a chair, and my portable modem. No electricity outlet needed because my laptop was fully charged. 90 minutes later, I managed to finish my deck for the 10 am deadline. My air con’s fixed and a to-do list’s checked. 🙂

This is why I love remote working (and why today everyone seems to be in love with it). For those of you who may not be familiar with it, here are some definitions from Cambridge, Longman, and The Next Web.

Why we do it
First of all, Communicaption is an internet-based service company; nothing to do with physical product. Also, we believe that man is a free responsible dynamic being; work is something that you do (not a place that you go); and life’s too short to be enjoyed behind the desk.

How we do it
Yes, we do have a homy office called content studio. But that’s not the only office we got. So, where else? When doing babysitting, Pandu and Chendany handle Keynote and Excel from home or hospital. When his Sunday school needs him, Gorga manages our collaboration tools from church. When having gigs with my band, I handle my task from backstage. On special occasion, Reza; Ami; and Gevin also comfortably do their tasks from a coffee shop or co-working space. We all work with premium productivity tools, flexible office hour, reliable internet benefits, etc. For us, online communication is effective, powerful, and impactful. By applying remote working, we ourselves definitely can do things we love aside work.

What we get from it
Work-life balance.

What people say about us doing it
Our families are curious why we can up till night doing things intensively, and still can have quality time with them. Our friends keep asking how we can get things done, and still can manage time for hangout together. Our neighbours wondering why we wear t-shirts and sandals almost everyday, and still can earn money to buy things (perhaps they’ve mistaken seeing us as a bunch of jobless guys). 🙂

Who else can do it
It may not applicable for some business sectors such as public service or manufacturing-based company (can you imagine a hospital or a police station or a factory without having their employee standby?). My point is, we need to assess thoroughly whether or not a company can apply this culture.

In applying remote working, we at Communicaption build trust and professionalism amongst our employee. So, what about your company, are you ready for working remotely? I’m willing to read your thoughts and ideas here.