Timeout: Celebrating Valentine’s Day

What did you do on the last Valentine’s Day? There are so many ways to celebrate it with your beloved ones. It does not have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend but you can also celebrate it with your family, friends, or colleagues. We, Communicaption, has our own way to show our love to each other on Valentine’s Day, which is gift exchange.

We had arranged this gift exchange since three weeks before Valentine. And, FYI, the price range of the gift was from Rp 40.000 to Rp 60.000. First, we had to decide who will give to whom. At first we decided it manually, using named paper and then each of us will take it to know to whom we had to give on the D-Day.

However, three days later, we found something very useful for our gift exchange day, This website helped us a lot to draw the names of the receiver and the giver. You just have to invite your friends who will join the gift exchange, then each of them will get the activation e-mail. You also can add your wishlist on the site. After all members are activated, the system will draw the names for you confidentially. Then, you can start thinking what will you give to your friends, it is easier to choose the gift when you know the person, right?

Three weeks later, on the D-Day, February 16, we gathered in our studio to do the gift exchange. Each of us had been ready with the gift which were suitable with the person that we will give. After lunch break, we started to draw who will give the first give. Then, Gevin came as the first giver, she gave a set of lunch box and tumbler for Pandu because Pandu often brings his own food from home.

Gevin to Pandu

Next, Pandu had to give his gift, he got Chendany’s name on the draw, so he gave her a deer hand puppet. Since Chendany just got her first child, Pandu said that the hand puppet can be used to do the story telling for his son.

Pandu to Chen

Next was Chendany’s turn to give her gift, and she gave it to Reza. He got two boards and markers from Chendany because Chendany realized that one of Reza’s hobbies are designing and drawing that’s why she gave him boards and markers for drawing.

chen to Reza

The next turn is Reza, Reza gave the gift to Gorga. And what he gave? He gave Gorga a knife! An orange knife which has a cover so it will be safer. Reza thought that Gorga was started to learn how to cook well since he was watching Chef, so the knife will help him to cook like a Master Chef, maybe?

Reza to Gorga

After Reza, we move to Gorga who gave a gift to Gevin. Gorga said that since Gevin will try to “flying solo” so she needs a pen for signing her contract, later, also he said that the pen will be very useful for her to write down any inspiration she gets.

Gorga to Gevin

After Gevin got the gift, the ones who had not gotten the gift yet were Dhany and Ami. It meant that they literally exchanging their gift because Dhany gave to Ami and vice versa. So, they directly gave the gift to each other. Ami got an umbrella from Dhany, as she wished on And Dhany got an ethnic bracelet from Ami also as he wished before.

Ami & Dhany

So, it’s a wrap! Each of us had given and also received a gift. It was so delightful for all of us. We promise to have another gift exchange or potluck later. This gift exchange thing is very useful to be applied in your working environment. Not only you become closer with your friends, but also you will know each other better since you have to know more about yur friend before you decide what gift will you give to him/her, right?

Enjoy having your own gift exchange, guys!

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Gevintha This post is written by our guest author Gevintha K. Maully, a community specialist and a die-hard fan of Sherlock Holmes. Reach her at