Timeout: The Basketball Arcade Challenge

On a hectic Tuesday, our team had marathon meetings with our partners. Yep, when it comes to face-to-face meeting, we usually conduct it continuously in a single day for the sake of time efficiency.

After the meetings, we excitedly entered an amusement arcade (games center) next to a food court. There, we bought some coins and picked four-machines basketball game at the corner. We had a go at each other in a game that we perfunctory called The Basketball Arcade Challenge. Who won? Watch this:

At first, each of us prepared ourselves to be the one who scores the highest. It seemed that the four of us really want to be the winner. But when the game began, we found that the trial and error of basketball shooting was very enjoyable and entertaining.

We all continuously improved our shots. When it was too low, we shot higher. When it was too short, we shot deeper. We learned about target, persistence, and determination. For me personally, it was a true example of learning by doing. At the end of the game, we didn’t focus on who wins the game anymore. Nothing left but joy and laughter.

Just like diorama of life, neverending learning process is necessary. In terms of work, we are a bunch of guys who will never stop trying. We believe that every step we take is an insightful process that can make the whole journey beautiful and meaningful.

Jordan - Failure
So guys, are you ready to give a shot right now?
The countdown has started.
On your mark, get set, go!